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After Mold Remediation, What’s Next?

You’ve got more jobs up your sleeves to do even after completing mold remediation services. To set your business apart from the competition, you need to be properly equipped to perform mold testing before and after job completion. The first test is done prior to the remediation job to test for the type of mold on the property while the second test is to check if the mold issue has been properly addressed.

Some remediation companies skip this step. Sadly, customers who have a keen eye for quality service will most likely not recommend them to others just for skipping these final tests. Ask yourself this question: Why did customers choose you? Because they trust your service and are confident that you will not disappoint. Your priority should be customer satisfaction. After all, it’s impossible to know if you’ve completely addressed the mold problem without conducting an air quality test. This test also gives customers peace of mind knowing that you completely removed all mold threats in the home or business place.

In real estate, mold growth in a home reduces the value of the property. This is why real estate agents will always go for the best companies to handle mold remediation services on their property. To be certain that the problem is fixed already, then conducting an air quality test before and after the remediation job is a must. This is a great way to build customer’s trust and loyalty to your brand. Rest assured that you will secure more contracts and get more referrals from your customers when you offer an air quality test as part of your mold remediation services.

Work With a Professional Waste Disposal Company

Now that the job is complete and the air quality test done, the next step is the proper disposal of all biohazard waste which includes any chemicals and materials used during the process. This hazardous waste must be disposed of safely and legally.

Customers want to ensure that you dispose of these waste materials from their homes in compliance with state and federal laws. This is where you bring in the services of a hazardous waste disposal company. These experts help your mold remediation business stand out from the crowd.

Doing this shows that you are an environmentally friendly company, and that’s a great plus. Every company should be more concerned about the impact of their services on the environment and how to protect it. Improper disposal of waste generated from a mold remediation job puts your reputation and that of the client you are servicing at stake. If you get penalized for misconduct, the client will also feel the heat. So, whatever you do, display professionalism.

Bottom Line

Because mold can grow anywhere, it is better to be properly equipped when going for a mold remediation job. Get your tools handy, air quality test equipment, and make sure that a waste disposal company is on standby to dispose of the waste. This way, you will gain the trust of customers and beat all competition. More importantly, try to always improve on your services.

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