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Important PPE Items Trauma Cleaners Need

Murders, homicides, and suicides create havoc. This has always been a hot topic for debate amongst friends and family for days. Also, law enforcement agents investigate the events for months to either determine the cause or find the culprit behind such a violent crime. While some investigations yield positive results, others hit a brick wall. With all attention geared towards the crime itself and the investigative reports by the police, many people tend to forget about the health risk of such a crime scene. These crimes take place in residential apartments, office buildings, or public spaces. These areas are sometimes high-traffic areas. Getting your property back to normal after such an incident can take a lot of time. Hiring professional trauma cleaners is the quickest way to restore your property to its pre-condition. However, to do this, there are specific equipment required for the job.

3 Must-Have Equipment

After a violent crime or homicide, law enforcement agents swing into action to investigate the scene. They are not responsible for the cleanup after investigation. This is the sole responsibility of the property owner or family members of the deceased. At this stage, you should reach out to trauma cleaners.

When expert trauma cleaning companies arrive at the scene, they come prepared. They will always wear personal protective equipment to protect them from exposure to infected materials.

Trauma cleaners are usually trained and skillful when it comes to handling blood and bodily fluids. The best part is that they follow the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Bloodborne Pathogen Rule. This standard states that employees should treat blood and bodily fluids as already infectious materials. With this in mind, expert cleaners do not leave anything to chance. They enter the crime cleanup scene fully protected.

Items to wear include

Protective Clothing

This includes a full-body suit. This protective suit covers every body part including the head. The full-body suit extends to the wrists and runs down to the ankles. More so, this piece of equipment is usually designed to be used once and disposed of thereafter. Not all protective suits are reusable.

Hand gloves and Protective Shoes

Protective clothing does not protect your hands and feet. To be well guarded, you need two sets of gloves and protective shoes. The protective shoes keep your feet protected while the rubber gloves protect your exposed hands.

Face Mask

The face mask protects delicate body parts such as the eyes, nose, and mouth. These masks come designed with filters to ensure cleaners inhale fresh air. You will always find trauma cleaners on face masks when hired for cleanup service. Some crime scenes are filled with bad odors. In order to breathe properly, trauma cleaners use particle filtration gas masks to keep these bad odors at bay.

After a violent crime or the death of a loved one, every detail of the cleanup should be handled professionally. Trauma cleaners do everything within their capabilities to provide thorough cleaning service regardless of the circumstances.

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