Is Disclosing a Death Required When Selling a Home?

If you are considering buying or selling your home at a later date, it is expedient that you have a perfect understanding of how the real estate market work, from the initial offer to closing. But did you know that you may have to disclose a death when selling your home? Each state has its own specific rules regarding this. Many property managers would put a house up for sale after a comprehensive death scene cleanup service. Expert death scene cleaners remove all traces of death in the home, leaving it sparkling clean and in great condition for the next occupant.

Property Disclosure Documents

Regardless of how beautiful a building looks, there is often property information that a seller shouldn’t hold on to before selling the house. A typical property disclosure documents contain vital information about the building and its environment including water damage, notable repairs, structural issues, death in the home, neighborhood, and form of hazards to be mindful of. A seller might be penalized for failing to disclose such information.

In the case of reporting a death in the home, you need to check with your state rules and regulations. Death disclosure in the home may include

  • The time of death

  • Cause of death – natural or as a result of someone else’s negligence

  • Is the property haunted by ghosts?

However, there are some exceptions in some states. Death disclosure does not include the following

  • Natural death, accidents, or suicides unrelated to the property

  • Death of an aged family member

The good news is that there are online resources that provide potential property buyers with the information they require about a particular property. These online resources search millions of records within a few minutes to determine if someone had died in the property anytime in the past. So long as you provided a valid US address, expect to see accurate results. While some offer this service free of charge, others charge a certain amount for every search. The report will contain information about fire damage, death, and meth labs.

Cleaning Up After a Death

If a death recently occurred in the dream home you want to invest in, there may have been biohazardous materials that need to be cleaned. Do not move into the house without taking every necessary step for remediation. Death scene cleanup service can come in to get rid of any bloodborne pathogens and other contaminants in the property. Ask the seller the steps taken to remediate the property after death.

Death scene cleanup service may vary depending on different factors including the cause of death, location of the deceased, flooring type, and if you are dealing with an unattended death case. If you ever have a reason to clean up a house following a death, do not hesitate to contact experts in death scene cleanup service. These professionals are skilled and equipped to make your new home safe and free from bloodborne pathogens.

Whether you are selling or buying a home that needs death cleanup service, do not settle for janitorial cleaning companies or you may have yourself to blame in the future. Call on professionals who are specialists in death scene cleanup.

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