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What Steps Are Required for Cleaning Up Blood?

Blood spills are unexpected incidents that occur from accidents. Not everyone foresees it. Irrespective of where this unfortunate incident took place, be it at home or in the workplace, cleaning up the affected area is the responsibility of the business owner (for workplace incidents) or property owner (for household incidents). In some cases, blood spill cleanup can be the responsibility of the tenant depending on certain circumstances. It is not a job for janitorial services as they are not properly equipped to clean up such sites. Trauma cleaning services are better suited to handle blood cleanup. While many janitorial services will honorably reject the offer due to the health risks involved in cleaning up such space, others might take up the gig and reassign it to a trauma scene cleaning company.

Since commercial cleaning services are not cut out for this job, you shouldn’t take on the cleaning task yourself. Protect yourself and the health of your loved one by calling in a professional trauma cleaning company to get the job done right.

Common Blood Stain Locations

Blood spills can happen anywhere. However, there are locations where blood spills are common. These include hotels, healthcare facilities, crime scenes, homes, and workplaces

Cleaning Up Blood The Right Way

Trauma cleaning services use the right protective equipment and follow industry-standard cleaning protocols to remediate a blood infectious site. So what do you need to get this job done and how much time is required?

Is this something anyone can undertake? This job isn’t designed for the faint at heart. You must be prepared physically, mentally, and physiologically. You will get this and even more when you choose to outsource the task to expert trauma cleaning services.

So here’s what to expect from these professionals

Upon assessment, the starting point will be clearly mapped out. They will not enter the site without gearing up. Personal protective equipment protects the cleaners from the risk of exposure to infectious diseases on-site.

Other items you will find in their arsenal include towels and mops for soaking up and wiping blood spills on surfaces. During this stage, they will check to see if the damage done by the spillage is only on the surface. If otherwise, the affected area will be ripped out and replaced. Soaked furniture or mattresses will be disposed of.

In the case of an unattended death or a suicide that has gone unnoticed for days, bad odor, rodents and insects are common sights there. Removing the body of the deceased and cleaning the area will not only get rid of the bacteria and insects lurking around but also the bad odor. Trauma cleaning services are better equipped with deodorizers to get rid of the bad odors. With these deodorizing agents, you do not need any cover-up fragrances.

Professional and legal disposal of biohazard waste generated at the site is yet another reason why many people go for these professionals. Improper disposal of biohazards attracts heavy fines and penalties. Trauma cleaning services can save you the stress.

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