Crime Scene Cleanup: How Do They Differ From Janitorial Service

When someone dies at home, in the workplace, or at a public facility from whatever cause, it is the responsibility of a crime scene cleaning company to keep the area clean and decontaminated. They are responsible for cleaning blood, bodily fluids, and removing contagious items from the event scene. A crime scene cleaning job is not what a household or commercial cleaning service can undertake. You should only hire a specialist crime scene cleaning company.

What to Expect from a Crime Scene Cleaner

Choosing the right company for this job can be overwhelming. However, if you find one that suits your needs, there are few criteria to look out for. These include

Level of Professionalism

A crime scene cleaner is known for its efficient service delivery while maintaining a level of professionalism. You need an expert who is filled with empathy and understands the difficult situation the victim’s family finds themselves in.

Great communication skill is a great plus. They should be composed when communicating with grieving family members. They should also be able to work under pressure. Some families are difficult to deal with and would want the cleanup job done a couple of hours faster as opposed to what was initially agreed upon. The ability to work under pressure is a great show of their level of professionalism as well.

Physical Fitness

Crime scene cleaning is a physically demanding job. You need to be strong physically and mentally. Cleaners are known to have the stamina to work long hours. Technicians will not enter a contaminated site without wearing their personal protective equipment. They wear biohazard suits to protect their skin from contact with contagious materials. Respirators are also a necessity when cleaning up a crime scene.

Crime scene cleaning is different from the standard cleaning job undertaken by janitorial services, hence it is time-consuming. From cleaning to scrubbing all surfaces where death has occurred and decontaminating to getting rid of unsalvageable items, crime scene cleaning isn’t an easy task. In some cases, these cleaners rip off walls/floors. Technicians must be physically fit to handle this cleaning task.


In the US, a crime scene cleaning company operates under the guises of the states where they operate from. It is expedient that they follow strictly the rules and regulations of the bodies regulating this line of business in their respective states.

A professional crime scene cleaner undergoes series of training on how to handle a crime scene. Just as we all know, crime scenes come with loads of health risks. Cleaners and other users of the site are exposed to bloodborne pathogens while using the site. Dealing with blood-containing materials requires high skills when handling them. If not taken care of the right way, they can transmit the infection to anyone who comes in skin contact with it. Examples of bloodborne pathogens include HIV, Hepatitis B & C, MRSA, E. Coli, and many more. A crime scene cleaning company teaches its technicians the best way to handle these harmful pathogens.

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