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Dealing with a Decomposing Body

Decomposed body cleanup poses some unforeseen problems and considerations. Following the discovery of a decomposed body, the first thing to do is to report to the appropriate authorities. After the police have concluded their investigation and the body evacuated, the next line of action is remediating the affected area. Cleaning the area is the responsibility of the family or property owner depending on the circumstances surrounding the death.

To many, decomposed body cleanup is a simple task that requires standard cleaning practice. But that’s not true. It is a kind of cleanup service that requires the services of trained professionals who are better equipped, trained and expert in dealing with this kind of work. Decomposed body cleanup experts are better suited for this job. They will handle the job with great professionalism and discreetly.

Dealing With Potentially Harmful Pathogens

Dealing with a decomposed body that took several days or even weeks to be discovered can be overwhelming. A lifeless body starts decomposing a couple of hours after death. Cleaning such an area without taking the right protective measure isn’t advisable. Unless you want to put yourself in harm’s way, decomposed body cleanup is best left to the professionals.

A decomposed body scene is more likely to harbor all kinds of harmful microorganisms including maggots. These maggots develop 48 hours after a body becomes lifeless. Even after removing the decomposed body, you will still find them around, potentially carrying harmful pathogens with them.

You need expert help to get rid of these harmful pathogens. A decomposed body cleanup expert knows exactly how to get rid of them. These experts use medical-grade chemicals for the elimination process.

Challenges of Decomposed Body Cleanup

Decomposed body cleanup is a physically challenging task to accomplish and one of the biggest challenges cleaners and other family members face is exposure to the dreaded biohazards scattered around.

For instance, traumatic events such as murder, homicide, suicide, or accidents can leave blood and other bodily fluids scattered all over the area. A death scene that contains these infectious materials is highly contagious and harbors an array of bloodborne pathogens.

Another major challenge is dealing with the strong odor produced by the decomposed body and leftover foods in refrigerator cupboards and countertops. A decomposed body cleanup expert will get rid of the bloodborne pathogens and give your property a new lease of fresh air. They will eliminate any sign of bad odor, tackling it from the root cause.

What Happens to Dead Pets

What happens to the pets of the deceased, especially if the body wasn’t discovered days after the death. In most cases, the pet lies lifeless as well. In other cases, they will relieve themselves on carpets and any other spots they deem fit. This leaves the entire space with strange odors. Decomposed body cleanup companies can also specialize in pet urine and feces cleanup. Some of these wastes might have seeped into porous surfaces like fabrics, drywall, and carpets. Not to worry, these experts know exactly what to do during the remediation process.

Sadly, dead pets are also a common sight at these scenes following the owner’s death. They die of hunger, sickness, or dehydration. These cleanup specialists can also clean up and remove dead pets from a cleaning site.

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