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Death Cleaning: Ways to Tidy and Declutter Your Home

It’s sad to say but death is inevitable for all living things. And when we die, we will leave everything behind. This includes business investments, savings, real estate, clothing, photographs, and other valuable items. While some people die a natural cause, others are unnatural. Regardless of the type of death, the expertise of a death scene cleanup service cannot be overemphasized. They are experts in remediating a site following the death of an individual, irrespective of the probable cause.

While the ones you left behind mourn your death, many things come to mind. Apart from death scene cleanup, other areas that may be of great concern include sorting through the piles of belonging of the deceased. This is why death cleaning, the Swedish practice of decluttering before death, is fast becoming an emerging trend.

What is Death Cleaning?

This process involves tidying up the house before you die. Doing so eases the cleaning job for family friends and even death scene cleanup service professionals after death. Death cleaning is an ideal time for you to decide what items are worth keeping and what needs to be disposed of.

Death Cleaning Tips

Here are some amazing tips to ease the stress associated with death cleaning.

Stay Calm

Tidying and organizing your belongings can be an overwhelming task. At times when it becomes too overwhelming, you are advised to step back and take a deep breath. Given how overwhelming sorting through your items can be, now imagine what your loved one would go through if you fail to do the needful. More so, the cleaning process becomes a heavy burden while they’re grieving. This is more than enough reason why you should consider death cleaning a task only you can handle.

Take Your Time

The first step in achieving your result is to start small. Death cleaning is not a day’s job. Take your time and start small. Set out daily cleaning goals for yourself. You may possibly start with clothing. Double-check your clothing and dispose of those that you no longer need. Your loved ones will be glad not to face the hurdle of sifting through a stack of old and new clothes.

Keep and Arrange Your Valuables

In the event that you would like to pass down a few valuable items to your loved ones, keep them in a separate, perfectly labeled box. Get a notebook; write down the list of items and their respective recipient. This is somewhat similar to writing a will. Doing so makes it easier for your loved ones to share the items without worrying about who’s worthy enough to get your precious jewelry. They can focus more on grieving. And if you no longer have a use for these valuables, gift them already before you die. That way, you get to see your loved ones rock your valuables. It brings a great sense of fulfillment.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding a death, the services of a death scene cleanup expert can’t be overemphasized. They prevent the spread of cross-contamination as most death scenes are riddled with harmful pathogens that must be taken care of as quickly as possible.

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