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Identifying the Different Kinds of Smells in the House

Every house has its own unique scent. Not all aromas are bad. Many factors play a key role in these odors including lifestyle, family members, possessions, and habits. However, there are cases when the house smells bad and that’s when you most likely need the expertise of an odor removal service. These experts can get rid of the strong odor from your home, but not without identifying the cause of the odor.

These are not short-term smells that fade out within a short span of time. If you cook regularly with onions or garlic then it is normal for your home to produce these foul odors. Did you have a group of friends spend the weekend at your place, then it is possible that you’d experience these short-term smells. Since these short-term smells go away naturally, you do not need the service of an expert odor removal service. However, there are stubborn smells that linger for extended periods, how you deal with them matters a lot. Your best bet is to reach out to a professional odor removal service.

Commonly Reported Odors in the Home

An odor removal service expert has handled quite a number of odor removal projects. There is hardly any odor they haven’t experienced. In some cases, homeowners can point out the source of the smell and for others, they just don’t know where it is coming from. Regardless of the case, an odor removal company has got it all sorted.

One of the commonly reported smells in the home include

Cat Smell

Americans love to keep cats as pets. In every 5 homes, at least 1 keeps a cat. That means millions of people in the country are dealing with cat smell in the house. Getting rid of cat smells will require more than just tidying the house, cleaning the litter box, and keeping the cat hair down. For some, they think the solution lies in replacing furniture and carpet but the smell still lingers. That’s because getting rid of cat urine is way beyond just scratching the surface. It often involves deep cleaning. Cat urine can seep through porous surfaces and this can be the reason for the bad odor in the home.

And yes, it is also possible that your house reeks of cat urine, despite not having a cat as a pet. This is somewhat referred to as inherited smell. This can be frustrating, but you have no other option than to deal with it. Calling a professional odor removal service is the answer.

It is important to note that not all cat-like odors originate from cats. There are toxic molds that produce such a strong odor. So you might be dealing with dangerous mold growth in the home. Thankfully, with an expert cleaning service at your disposal, they will not only get rid of the lingering smell but also kill the mold and its thriving factor. So if you are experiencing a cat smell in your home but do not have a cat as a pet, call on professional odor removal service as quickly as you can.

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