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Living Large in a Small Space: How to Significantly Improve an Apartment

One of the troubles that come with apartment living tends to come from the lack of space. It can be challenging to come home from a day at work to an apartment that can end up feeling more like a prison than anything else. It can be easy to feel like the walls are closing in — especially when the stress begins to reach uncomfortable levels.

While apartment living can be quite exhilarating for first-time homeowners, there always comes a time when people want more out of where they live. The lack of space can make people feel like there isn’t enough room for home improvement, which is why many do not bother to consider potential home improvement options.

Fortunately, there is no reason to resign yourself to helplessness when it comes to the idea of making any changes to a cramped home. There are quite a few ways to make improvements — with some challenging the very concept of living in a small space! Here are just a few ways:

First and foremost, get cleaning!

While there are likely other problems plaguing an apartment than the potential mess, there is little chance to make any improvements when everything is already a mess. As a matter of fact, some apartment owners might realise that their home is not as cramped as it seems once they have put the time in to clean their humble abode. Even if you might have a busy schedule that keeps you from taking the plunge when it comes to a thorough cleaning, there is no need to consider cleaning the entire apartment at once.

Similar to the work schedule, you can write down a schedule for cleaning, and make preparations by purchasing the cleaning materials needed. You can pace yourself and clean a single area of the apartment on any given day, giving yourself all the time you need to get the job done. It might take some work, but keeping any home clean is always worth the effort.

The concept of dealing with the centre point

When it comes to general home improvement, there is the idea that focusing on a single point of any given area can provide the most significant results. The focal point is something many homeowners use to focus their home improvement efforts to ensure that they get the best results for the least amount of effort. The focal point of specific areas in the house are as follows:

  • The bathroom. For those who are considering making improvements to their bathroom, it typically means working on the shower, as apartment bathrooms are typically not large enough to handle some of the more luxurious pieces. However, such a thing is a blessing in disguise, as luxury shower pieces can be installed without too much trouble. From the use of a quality shower cabin to walk-in showers, there are many more opportunities than most people realise!
    • The bedroom. The bedroom can be a delightfully easy room to improve, as the focal point is undoubtedly the bed. Making improvements to the bed and going so far as to give it the royal treatment can effectively elevate the rest of the bedroom without too much effort!
    • The kitchen. The kitchen is a little trickier when it comes to figuring out the focal point, as it often involves the kitchen countertop. Considering that the countertop can be in any part of the kitchen, it makes sense to be a little confused. That said, no matter where the worktop might be, making improvements to it can still affect the whole kitchen.
  • The living room. The living room is another tricky area, though for an entirely different reason. In the living room, the centre point is entirely up to you. It can be the new television set, the grandfather clock, or even the coffee table in the centre of the living room!

Understanding where to focus your efforts ensures that there is always an opportunity to make improvements, even in areas that seem too small to improve.

The subtle impact of glass furniture

When it comes to home improvement, there are undoubtedly plenty of ways to get the job done. However, apartment improvements do not always follow the same vein, which is where glass furniture comes in. Considering that a cramped space can be quite problematic, the use of glass furniture allows the homeowner to see more of the apartment without necessarily removing furniture. The more glass furniture in an apartment, the easier it is to maintain an illusion of space.


The similar impact of rounded furniture

Aside from seeing more of the apartment with the right type of furniture, rounded pieces also complement the illusion of space, as it makes you see less of the edges that typically populate an apartment.  Not only do you see the edges of the walls and ceiling, but you also see edges in just about every piece of furniture which can make things look boxed in. Fortunately, the use of rounded furniture can help alleviate the situation — and the use of rounded glass furniture effectively completes the look.

Personalise, personalise, personalise!

Last but certainly not least, one of the most crucial factors when making improvements to an apartment is that even the smallest improvement can have a significant impact. Considering the size, adding even a single poster of your favourite band or movie can have an impact on the rest of the apartment — opening up plenty of opportunities to give the apartment a personalised touch. It is something that is much more challenging to accomplish in a large home, which gives apartment owners the rare advantage.

While living in a small apartment can be disheartening, there is no need to let the stress accumulate due to a lack of home improvement options. Depending on where you look, there is even more of an opportunity to transform the look of your home. The best-practice methods above provide you with all the ammunition you need to make improvements without the headache!




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