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Ways to Create a Home That Promotes Independent Living for Seniors

It’s brave for seniors to decide to live independently instead of being in a nursing care facility. At the same time, it’s also a challenge for them to be alone and away from someone who can assist them. The good thing is that if you trust your elderly loved ones, they can still live independently; you have to give them the opportunity. Consider relocating them to a nursing home later if you believe that it’s necessary. For now, you can transform the house to make it more suitable for independent living.

Move everything on the ground floor

If the house has a second floor, it’s not ideal. Everything should be on the ground floor so that there’s no need to go up and down. It’s risky and challenging, especially for people who already have medical issues and limitations with mobility.

Remove sharp and fragile objects

Older people also tend to be clumsy and can’t control their movements. Therefore, it’s helpful not to have sharp and fragile objects at home. Keep them away if possible. If not, remind them that these objects are sharp and they have to pay extra attention. Don’t let your elderly loved ones cook if they can’t handle this chore. Teach them how to order food from food delivery services, so they don’t have to worry about what to eat.

Remove throw rugs and carpets

Rugs and carpets can be risky. They might cause slips. Even if they look good as a flooring option, they could still pose severe health risks.

Discard old and broken furniture

There should be no old and broken furniture at home. If possible, take out the broken items and replace them with new ones. The house doesn’t need plenty of home accessories and furniture. Keep everything as simple as possible. As long as it has the items needed for independent living, it’s good enough.

Prevent potential bathroom slips

Most injuries among seniors happen in the bathroom due to a slip or fall. Make sure that it won’t happen. Install rails so that your elderly loved ones can hold onto them and not slip. Install heated floors too. They can keep the floors dry, and they’re easy to maintain. Having steam showers might also be an excellent idea, but it requires training to use them properly. Make sure that there won’t be a problem in using it. Teach your loved ones how to operate any complicated item at home.

Keep contact numbers close

Even if you already prepared the house for independent living, it’s still possible to face potential problems. Therefore, it helps if you can keep the contact information close by. There should be a speed dial on the phone that can connect them with an emergency hotline or someone else who can help. Put the numbers on the fridge or on the bedside table too.

Hopefully, this endeavour will be successful. It’s satisfying for seniors to have the chance to be on their own instead of relying on other people all the time.




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