The moving process is a hassle within itself whether you are moving across the country or having to move to another country all together, you must make sure that you have everything checked on your list which sometimes may include for your four-legged family members as well for those who have their own beloved animals living with them. Don’t think that the moving process is just stressful for you because it can be equally as stressful for your pets as well so here are some tips that can make the moving process towards your new property as stress-free as possible for both you and your animals.

When it comes to animals, try to look from their point of view, some of them being adopted or raised in their current home and they would consider it more than just a place that they can rest but actually they can also see it as their own territory. With cats and dogs, it can be a different experience depending on the pet. With cats, you can expect a sensitive attitude and look forward to being somewhere familiar so moving with cats as pets could be a little more difficult than you would imagine. Dogs, on the other hand, tend to move in just easier and they aren’t about the space as much as the company within the space. Dogs unlike cats have the ability from a young age to always socialize and try to recognize certain people, scents and smells, and even other dogs so by the time they grow up they already have it in their system to adapt to new environments.

The most important thing about having pets is sticking to the daily routine even after the move to the new property. You should have the same schedule prepared for their treats, washing/cleaning and bedtime, which will assist your pets to settle easier to the new place. Unlike cats, dogs can go for walks with their owners and with time, they will get accustomed to the new neighborhood and surroundings.

Most pet owners like the idea of their pets having as much as freedom as possible so they probably wouldn’t have introduced them to leashes and pet carriers depending on their discipline level. If your pet hasn’t been familiar with a pet carrier, then it would be best to smoothly introduce it to them as they wouldn’t be surprised when they are caged for a few hours during the travel period and most will feel uncomfortable or unsettled due to the fact that they probably haven’t felt so restricted in that sense for such a long time. The best tactic would be placing something that the pet might enjoy and seeing how they will react when you place it in the carrier, things like chew toys or even the blanket that they choose to sleep on, sometimes treats can get them to do the trick as well but try your best to make it a positive experience so you wouldn’t have to deal with more problems during the upcoming moving day.

Once your pet is comfortable with the situation of being in a carrier, then the next step is quite simple but just time consuming, so it’s best to prepare this before you have to move and that is going on short trips with your pet being in the carrier to release any sort of anxiety. You can go for car rides among the area for 5-10 minutes and see where you can go from there. With dogs in particular, you can take your pet for walks around the new area that you are moving in and if possible you can enter your new house so that your dog can get familiar with the environment.

That’s everything that is needed to know for the pet’s side. But now it is about your trip and where you might be going and how you are planning to go. If you are planning to drive and go to a hotel, is it acceptable towards your beloved pets? If the trip involves flying abroad, you should try to contact the airline ahead of time for the requirements for pets. You will need all the vet records just in case there are any issues with your pets abroad as well. Just put into consideration that just like people, animals can seem special and have their own attitude and personality. Because the owner knows the pet better than anyone else, then you know what you are in for, but it’s better to talk to your personal veterinarian ahead of time to avoid any problems and speak about common concerns. They can even recommend certain medication that can help your pet sleep better during the process in case it is absolutely needed and the owner believes that it is necessary.

Giving your pets lots of love and affection like spending time with them playing, walking or even comforting your pets, just being together at the end of the day would also make it easier for your pets to get comfortable with their new surroundings. If you can’t make much time for your pets due to other complications which could be understood, but try to make some quality time within the day for your pets because you might have everyone else but your pets only have you so that is something you can try to consider and enjoy the time together.


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