When To Upgrade The Lawn On The Sports Field?

Gardeners and groundskeepers are constantly improving their grass with advancing technology. Just like in any other field, technology keeps getting better. Now, it’s time to upgrade your lawn. Artificial grass is becoming affordable for most homes and clubs.

Lawn Technology: A Concise Evolution of Grass Enhancement

Artificial turf may seem like a big step forward from natural grass, but humans have been using technology for centuries to create fake grass and play surfaces. Before fertilizer was invented, gardeners relied on clover to help the grass grow, as clover adds nitrogen to the soil.

When it comes to cutting grass, before lawnmowers, estates used sheep to keep grass short. For those who wanted precision, many gardeners resorted to hand shears. Thankfully, the invention of lawnmowers saved the day!

Artificial turf follows a similar pattern. Lawnmowers, fertilizer, and other inventions have all helped save time and improve the quality of our fields and lawns.

When Should You Upgrade Your Sports Field’s Lawn Technology?

Here Are Three Scenarios in Which Your Club Could Benefit From Upgrading to Synthetic Turf.

Scenario 1- Climate and Weather Detracts From The Quality Of Your Playing Surface

Climate and weather can harm the quality of your playing field. In some places, the sun causes the most damage to the turf. While we enjoy the warmth, the grass doesn’t. When water restrictions come into play, the field can become dusty and worn out quickly.

Upgrading to the latest artificial grass technology can solve this problem. With this, there won’t be any dusty patches or the need for watering, saving you from water bills.

Scenario 2 – Poor Soil Quality Diminishes the Quality of Your Turf

The condition and type of soil greatly impact the quality of your putting greens and pitches. While improving soil can be costly and labor-intensive, it’s not always the optimal solution. On the other hand, artificial turf maintains its quality and performance consistently regardless of its placement.


Scenario 3 –  Heavy Use Wears Your Pitches Out


There’s a point where a field can’t handle too much use without losing quality. So, businesses have to limit how much they use it to keep the soil good. But this means they lose money.

Artificial turf is tougher than real grass and less likely to get damaged. You don’t have to worry about people kicking up lumps because it won’t happen. And if it does get damaged, it’s easy to fix.

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