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Wood floor water removal services

Many homeowners and designers prefer wood flooring due to its conformity to practically every interior style. There are various types of wood flooring and all of them tend to enhance the home pace by making it cozy. Even though there is plenty of advantages, wood floor is also associated with some aspects that require special attention. One of the most crucial ones is that wood flooring is not resistant to humidity and water.

Either a spilled bucket of water or malfunctions in home appliances might cause damage to the parquet or laminate. In such cases, wood floor water removal services would be essential to help with the restoration procedures.

The main causes of the flooded floor

In some cases, flooding comes as a result of natural phenomena such as hurricanes, storms, or tsunamis. When water fills the streets after the cataclysm, it will naturally flow into buildings, particularly on the ground floor. In case you have a private house or an apartment on the ground floor, it might appear at the risk of flooding after natural disasters.

Once your house is affected by large amounts of water after storms or heavy rains, it is recommended to remove the liquids at the nearest time possible. Refer to the flood cleanup services to get immediate help in the water damage restoration.

Another reason that might cause flooding in commercial buildings or personal dwellings relates to the malfunctions of the water supply system. In case of improper maintenance, there might be burst pumps resulting in heavy flooding. Another common issue is associated with tap leakage. Even though it does not seem to be dangerous and cause flooding, it certainly points out the problems in the water supply system.

House appliances constitute another source of possible flooding in case of improper handling. Dishwashers, heaters, and washing machines use extensive amounts of water regularly. Any malfunctions in those devices impose risks on water leakage and further flooding.

Removing excess water

Even if the flooding took place, the floor should not be exposed to water for a long period of time. Owing to wood floor water removal it would be possible to get rid of the liquid substance that caused flooding immediately. This service works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so you can call it anytime in case of emergency.

While waiting for the professionals to deal with the flood cleanup, you may start the preparation. Remove the objects from the affected areas if possible and place those in dry places of your house. Make sure that water will not soak further into different areas of the building.

If the scope of flooding is not that severe and you would like to deal with the issue on your own, take the needed actions immediately as well. If the amount of water is small, remove it with the help of a domestic rag. Then use a hairdryer to dehumidify the affected area and prevent other consequences such as mold spread.

Assessing the flood damage

Depending on the intensity of water flooding, the damage cost would be estimated accordingly. The most severe consequences appear after natural disasters in case of flooding. Very often the water coming from the streets into houses brings other elements and mud as well. As a result, it would be necessary not only to pump the water out but also to perform additional cleaning.

When the malfunctioning of the household appliances and water supply system takes place, the damage cost would relate to water removal and repair services. If the device becomes out of order, it should be replaced by the new one or taken to the technician for amendment.

Any kind of flooding though imposes high risks on the quality of the flooring. If the parquet or laminate was exposed to water for a long time or was not dehydrated and dried properly, the mold spores could affect it. In that case, you will feel the particular smell that characterizes mold.

The quality of the wood floor determines its resistance to water and humidity. In the majority of cases, the wood floor damage is obvious when the crowning or cupping effect is present. The cupping is characterized by the edges of the floorboards going up. When the central part of the floorboard swells, this triggers the crowning process.

If you have house insurance, the repairing costs could be reimbursed fully or partially. The insurance company assesses the severity of water damage and defines the coverage amount. Sometimes, the insurance company decides that total restoration of the wood floor instead of its repair is required. 

Floor restoration services

In case flooding has heavily affected flooring in your commercial building or house, its replacement might be inevitable. New flooring might be also needed when the mold has spread over the parquet or laminate. This usually happens when proper dehydration and drying did not take place.

The decision for the floor restoration is reasonable in the following cases. However, it is not necessary to replace everything if only a small area is affected.

Alternatives to wood flooring

The advantages of wood flooring are obvious as it creates ambient pace in a dwelling and is easy to clean. Also, there is a variety of colors and forms of the wood floor to choose from. Thus, anyone can select the preferred type for organizing the home interior.

As the wood floor is not highly resistant to water, you might consider the alternative type of flooring. This is particularly useful in case your wood flooring was previously affected by water and should be substituted.

Covering the floor with tiles is one of the most popular interior decisions in modern construction. Tiles are much less prone to be affected by water due to their structure. At the same time, tiles are easy to maintain and clean.

There are several points to consider when choosing tiles though. First of all, it might take more time to lay the tiles because the process is more complicated than that of the laminate installation. Also, the cost to lay the tiles is also higher for the same reason. Overall, such an investment will certainly pay off in the future.