Guide To Types Of Pool Plaster

Remodeling your pool can be a fantastic way to give it a fresh look or enhance its functionality. Even if your pool simply needs replastering, you can still revamp its appearance and performance.

Pool experts  provide valuable insights on how to update your pool using various types of plaster.

Classic Swimming Pool Style

Many pool owners go for the traditional white finish for their pools. It’s practical and budget-friendly. But nowadays, there’s a variety of colors to choose from. Using colored plaster can jazz up your pool’s appearance and make it more appealing.


Quartz isn’t porous; it doesn’t have tiny holes for liquids or gases to pass through. It’s a tough material, ideal for pool surfaces. Pool companies use quartz mixed with cement and natural, non-fading quartz bits to make these surfaces. They need to withstand pool chemicals and harsh weather.


Quartz and pebbles are both non-porous, making them great for pool surfaces. Quartz is smoother, while pebbles are better at resisting stains. Smooth river pebbles create a natural-looking Pebble surface for your pool. Pebble surfaces cost more than plaster but come with a longer guarantee.


The pool’s surface is made by mixing colored quartz and marble aggregates with Portland cement, then polishing it to create a smooth, shiny finish. This polished surface is tough against both temporary and permanent scaling and etching, and it keeps algae from sticking.

Your pool’s appearance depends on its finish, whether you go for a basic plaster or something more unique. Express Pool Plastering & Repairs can guide you through the options if you’re feeling unsure.

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